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RS826 Kitchen 02 01b
RS826 Kitchen 02 01b
RS827 Bath 02 01
RS830 Lounge 02 04
RS831 Bed 02 01
RS834 Dining 01 01 B
RS835 Dining 02 01
RS836 Bath 01 02
RS837 Office 01b
RS842 Kitchen V1 BelowA6
RS826 Kitchen 02 01bRS827 Bath 02 01RS830 Lounge 02 04RS831 Bed 02 01RS834 Dining 01 01 BRS835 Dining 02 01RS836 Bath 01 02RS837 Office 01bRS842 Kitchen V1 BelowA6
Johnstone’s and Leyland Paints

Johnstones products have been at the forefront of the UK paint market since 1890 so they have had plenty of time to ensure that they offer unrivalled quality and reliability, helping to transform the homes of people across the length and breadth of the country. Johnstones comes under the banner of global leaders in the coating market, PPG, and is backed by some of the world’s finest paint developers and technicians.

Johnstone’s and Leyland Paints