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Condensation – Causes and Prevention

“water which collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air is in contact with it”

With the colder nights here we are now battling with keeping condensation at bay within our homes. Every home has that one problematic wall which is always cold and mildew soon appears. Condensation has been described as the most easily fixed type of damp problem and can often be solved cheaply and quickly, without the need for professional help. But how can we tackle it?

There are three things that you could do:

Improve ventilation

Improving your ventilation could be as simple as leaving your bedroom window and doors open slightly to create an airflow. This is particularly important if there is more than one person sleeping in the room as the hot air we breathe out at night quickly finds its way to the cold walls and condenses into water droplets adding to your problem.

Consider your heating and insulation

Heating and insulation can also be improved by using thermal paints. Wither it be a paint additive such as Thermalmix.

So which product is right you? Below we have a quick look at the different products:

Thermal mix:

Thermilate Thermalmix Paint Additive is a revolutionary paint additive that makes almost any paint or coating insulate. You just have to mix in a required amount into any paint and apply to the walls.

Features & Benefits

  • Heat loss reducing insulating paint additive.
  • Reduces severe condensation problems.
  • Anti-condensation paint additive.
  • Can be used as wall paint as well as ceiling paint.
  • Less energy needed reduces heating bills.
  • Helps prevent unsightly toxic mould.
  • Lowest cost wall & ceiling thermal insulation.
  • Energy saving, therefore eco-friendly.
  • Easy to use for all painters and decorators.


Warmcoat Advanced Insulating Paint, a high tech insulation product for walls and ceilings that reduces room heat loss by up to 25%.

Thermilate Warmcoat Advanced insulating paint is the most affordable way to improve your home insulation, heat retention and comfort level.

It is easily applied (like any emulsion) inside the home on walls and ceilings and works by reflecting back a significant amount of the rooms’ heat back into the room.

Thermilate Warmcoat works by forming a thermal barrier between the cold wall and the moist warm room air. i.e. the wall surface is not as cold to touch.

It helps your wall insulation without taking from your existing scarce room space.

It reduces condensation, damp walls, wet walls because the less cold wall reduces if not gets rid of water droplet formation.


Clear the condensation

  • Fungicidal Wash kills, and prevents the re-appearance of unsightly growths of mould, algae, fungi, moss etc. on ceilings and interior or exterior walls.
  • Fungicidal Wash is most effective for use prior to re-painting.
  • The 2.5 Litre dilutes with water to make 12.5 litres which is sufficient to treat an area of approx. 37.5-87.5 m² depending on the strength of the growth.
  • For cleaning mould on tiles, shower cubicles, silicon seals, grout and plaster we recommend using HG Mould Spray. For cleaning smaller areas of interior paintwork and walls use Fungicidal Spray.


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